Day 10: 28-Day HCG Injections Diet

//Day 10: 28-Day HCG Injections Diet

Day 10: 28-Day HCG Injections Diet

2018-03-29T10:58:50+00:00 March 28th, 2018|Testimonials|

Good Morning! Happy New Year! Today is January 1st, the 10th day of the hCG injections diet.

So far, so good! Tomorrow, I go back to work so it is gonna be easier for me as far as having my lunch and my dinner before coming home. That way, when I get home my family has already had dinner and I have already had dinner and there are no temptations. Today, I have a birthday party that my son was invited to.

Luckily, my coworker knows that I’m on the hCG injections diet.

So, I kind of told her in advance not to get offended if I didn’t eat any of the foods that they are serving. I was already going to have my dinner before going, so that way I am full and that way I don’t have to get any temptations as far as eating cakes or any of the foods she may be serving there. So it is always good to plan ahead, so that way you do not fall into any cheating or deviate from your diet. So we will see how it goes and I will check back with you tomorrow.