Tips for Dining Out While Using HCG Shots

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Tips for Dining Out While Using HCG Shots

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Even if you are taking HCG shots to lose weight, you may still want to eat out or go to parties where food is present. There are a few easy ways to stick to your diet while still being able to enjoy all that dining out has to offer.

Know What the Diet Entails

If you aren’t familiar with the approved list of foods, make sure to familiarize yourself with the HCG diet protocol before going out to eat. If you need to, bring along a list of foods you can eat, which include:

  • 3 ounces of lean protein (chicken, fish, etc. with no visible fat)
  • Vegetables like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and onion

For flavoring, you can add squeezed lemon or lime, mustard, vinegar, and other calorie-free seasonings. Avoid salt, since it can cause you to retain water. Eating while taking HCG shots doesn’t have to be hard when you know how to get a little creative!

Speak Up

When you are ordering, talk to your server about your dietary needs. Most will be happy to assist you in finding selections on the menu that you can safely consume. The most important thing to convey to them is that you don’t want any fat since that will offset the HCG shots you’ve been taking. Certain restaurants (usually ones on the fancier side) will send the head chef to your table to talk to you about what you can eat.

Plan Ahead

Look up the menu ahead of time if you know what restaurant you will be going to. This way, you can scan the options, figure out what to combine to make a healthy meal and prepare yourself for success. If you notice that one meal offers grilled chicken breast, and another offers steamed broccoli as a side, you can ask the server if you can get those two combined, for example. Most dining establishments are fine with substitutions, especially for those with specific dietary needs.

If the eatery only offers fried protein for their green salads, you can pack your own lean protein like chicken or fish to add to a salad. Just keep it chilled until you’re ready to eat. You can also pack along your own dressing, or you can ask for a lemon wedge to squeeze over your meal for some extra zest.

Prepare Your HCG Shots Ahead of Time

If going out coincides with when you are supposed to take your HCG shots, you can bring it along with you. Don’t leave it at room temperature for more than a couple of hours and take it as soon as you can. Bring along an alcohol wipe to prep the injection site, and you’ll be good to go.

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