HCG Diet Phase 3: What is It?

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HCG Diet Phase 3: What is It?

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The HCG Diet Phase 3 is in many ways one of the most critical stages. After you go through injections and a 500 calorie, high protein diet, the last thing you want to do is put the weight back on, right? Phase 3 is the ‘Stabilization’ period and refers to the three weeks after you complete the injections schedule. Phase 3 begins 72 hours after your final injection and continues for three weeks.

It is called Stabilization because it takes approximately three weeks after the last injection to stabilize the weight loss achieved. In other words, after three weeks, your weight is a fair reflection of your overall weight loss success.

Generally speaking, you are advised that you can eat anything you like (except for sugar and starch). Ideally, you should eat a lot of protein-rich foods. Another feature of this Phase is that you must weigh yourself every day. It is imperative to complete this task at the same time, every day, and on an empty stomach to ensure that maintain your weight loss.

Foods for HCG Diet Phase 3

While you are in this Phase 3 Stabilization, it is important that you do not stick to 500 calories as you have in the previous Phase. You should eat a minimum of 1500 calories per day while still sticking to the guidelines already mentioned above. Some people suggest that you should increase your calorie intake slowly and build up to a higher calorie intake over 7 to 10 days.

Some online research can uncover a list of suitable foods for you to eat during your HCG Diet Phase 3. These usually include low carbohydrate foods such as green vegetables and herbs. Low sugar fruits are also good dietary ingredients. The Phase allows fat and starch in moderation if you do not consume carbohydrates.

There are even some great complete online menu planners and templates that may make the process a little easier for you. You can find some menus with an easy internet search. However, you must ensure that specific brands of the product meet the desired requirements. Sometimes, different brands of certain items can differ greatly in their ingredients.

Making the Most of Your HCG Diet

For HCG Diet Phase 3 to be effective, you must track absolutely everything you eat and drink. This task can be difficult, but luckily there are many phone and tablet apps that can help in this task. These apps can provide a lot of useful nutritional information as well. They can help you make informed choices about what you eat, not only in this Phase but throughout the whole HCG dietary experience.

It is essential not to underestimate the importance of Stabilization during the HCG Diet Phase 3. With all of your efforts in Phases 1 and 2, it would be foolish to waste your efforts by not giving Phase 3 the attention to detail it deserves. Hopefully, this article will help you by showing you ways to stay on track. To purchase the HCG injections kit and start your HCG Diet, click here.