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HCG Injections Instructions: Mixing HCG

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Depending on where you purchase your HCG injections the directions may vary from provider to provider. However, there are enough commonalities to provide some basic guidelines that may prove useful to those who are trying the HCG diet plan for the 1st time.

The most common and reliable method of taking HCG is by using a prescription HCG product by injection.

What are the Benefits of HCG Injections?

The benefit is that you already know you are getting real HCG because, in the USA, prescription products have to undergo rigorous testing procedures which include:

• Potency
• Purity
• Endotoxins

Potency and purity are relatively obvious, and endotoxins only mean the lab is testing for any bacterial growth, this way the user is unlikely to be injecting anything harmful when taking their HCG shots.

This is why it always important to purchase from a company or clinic that uses a US based pharmacy. The national standards are strict, and pharmacies are inspected frequently. Being aware of differing standards throughout the world is difficult. The cost difference is often negligible and delivery time (and expense) is significantly reduced most of the time.

Now that we have covered why you should be using real pharmaceutical HCG injections it is time to explain how to mix the product.

Whether you are getting your product at an HCG clinic or buying prescription HCG injections online via a telemedicine provider, you usually will get a kit to take home, or it will arrive at your door.

Most HCG Injection kits should include certain items as follows:

• HCG Vial or vials (in powdered form)
• Insulin syringes
• Mixing Syringe
• Mixing Solution (usually Bacteriostatic water or a Vitamin B12 solution)
• Alcohol Prep Pads

When the kit arrives, you 1st have to mix the HCG with the mixing solution. Some companies provide a B12 solution, and this is fine. However, remember that injecting B12 (Sub-Q) subcutaneously is not as effective a injecting the product (IM) intramuscularly.

Other companies provide a vial of bacteriostatic water, probably in a 30ml vial. This means you will have a lot of the solution left over since you will only be mixing 5ml of the solution with HCG. The mixing syringe is the large stand alone syringe that arrives with the kit.

The mixing solution and the HCG will have a hard plastic cap which will reveal a rubber stopper, which must stay on. Remove the plastic cap from the solution, and the HCG then take out the mixing syringe.

Using the HCG

Once you are at this point, use an alcohol prep pad to wipe down the rubber stoppers and the syringe. Insert the syringe and draw 5ml (not more) of solution into the mixing syringe.

*Kits that come with Bacteriostatic water typically contains 30ml of the clear solution. This is not an error, and you will have a lot left over.

Once you have 5ml of the solution in the mixing syringe, insert the syringe into the HCG vial. Then, slowly allow the solution to enter the vial.

*Pay attention to the mixing syringe as you insert it into the HCG sometimes you will find that the water may get “sucked out” into the vial, you can use your thumb against the plunger to slow down the suction.

As the solution mixes with the HCG, it should begin dissolving naturally, if there is still some HCG visible then gently roll the vial between the palms of your hands and the HCG will fully dissolve into the solution.

Most HCG vials will be larger than 5ml. Therefore, adding the mixing solution will not fill the vial, this is by design so do not be concerned. If you follow the instructions provided by your physician you will have plenty to make it through the entire HCG program!