Are HCG Injections Effective for Fibromyalgia?

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Are HCG Injections Effective for Fibromyalgia?

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Following a significant car accident in her 20s, Elaine Duggan, now 42, suffered from the effects of fibromyalgia for years. Some studies posit that physical trauma, such as the one Duggan experienced, can be the cause. Sleep is at a premium, along with cognitive issues, severe headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and burgeoning anxiety. She was eventually forced to resign from a demanding ER nursing job.

“I took all the recommended steps for controlling my fibromyalgia,” she recalled, “including a healthy diet with reduction of sugar, ramping up my exercise regimen when possible, yoga classes and meditation tapes—nothing really helped.”

In recent years, HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has come into the public purview. HCG is a peptide hormone that the human placenta produces. It is also reportedly found in the pituitary glands of males and females. The peptide’s initial intention was for female infertility and delayed onset of puberty in men. However, unexpected side effects have also come to light that includes weight loss. “Accidental” benefits of HCG injections for users also include relief for symptoms of severe pain – including that caused by fibromyalgia. The “whys” are a matter of investigation. Although, they may include the act of strengthening and healing nerve and brain cells.

HCG Injections for Fibromyalgia Pain

In his West Covina, California pain clinic, Dr. Forrest Tennant acquired HCG injections after learning of its surprising results when administered in other studies for weight loss. Individuals suffering for years with chronic and extreme chronic pain from arthritis, migraines, spinal issues and fibromyalgia reported diminished pain to varying degrees. Many of them were even on extensive opioid regimes.

At a 2011 meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, an abstract reported 8 out of 12 fibromyalgia participants in an HCG injections study showed improvement that included increased energy, decreased depression and better concentration, with 7 out of the 12 claiming a reduction in their dependence on pain medication by up to 50 percent.

Though still considered in a nascent stage and with clinical trials still ahead, proponents include medical professionals and especially users—for whom measured rewards include a much-improved quality of life.

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