Are HCG Injections FDA Approved?

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Are HCG Injections FDA Approved?

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The Food and Drug Administration safeguards the nation’s health, and as such, they have rigorous standards in place designed to protect consumers from health hazards. They do not formally approve products without sufficient scientific evidence. In many cases products remain on a “waiting list” to undergo the testing procedure for gathering data. In regards to HCG injections, there have been several statements by the FDA concerning this hormone. The first is the FDA categorically dismisses homeopathic or over the counter HCG.

HCG is a product only available through prescription; therefore, any over the counter product is not likely to contain any HCG at all. If it does, then the product is in violation of State and Federal Laws. Consumers who purchase these over the counter drops are not getting HCG. What they ARE getting with these drops comes into question.

Are HCG Injections FDA Approved?

HCG is, in fact, FDA approved for many medical purposes some of which include helping boys drop their testicles if they have not during puberty, it is also used to help boys with sexual development due to increased testosterone production when taking HCG.

Women can use HCG to help with fertility issues as well.

Off-Label Use of HCG Injections

Most people are not aware that doctors may prescribe pharmaceutical products for reasons outside of their intended purpose.

A few examples of this include Viagra, which was created to treat heart patients, and not as an ED pill. Aspirin was a common suggestion by physicians for heart patients well before it became approved to do so. Currently, it appears some patients use HCG in pain management!

What About Weight Loss with HCG Injections?

They even say that FDA has not approved HCG as a product for weight loss. However, physicians can still prescribe the product due to the rules for off-label use.

Of course, at the end of the day it’s a personal choice what you do for your body and overall health. The most important thing is that you consider your goals, evaluate your overall health, and if you do decide to try HCG injections you get them from a reliable source: