HCG Injections and Maintaining Your Weight Loss

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HCG Injections and Maintaining Your Weight Loss

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Once you reach the maintenance phase of your diet, it’s time to congratulate yourself for your hard work and dedication. You’ve lost the weight, taken the HCG injections regularly, and now you want to make sure that you don’t gain the weight back. Read on to learn more about maintaining your weight loss after your shots are complete and keep these tips and ideas handy.

The three weeks following the completion of your HCG injections is critical for your metabolism. During this time, your body creates a new “set point.” Therefore, you are going to want to maintain your final day of shots weight.

Eating: Food, Diet, Weight, and More

During the maintenance phase, you will need to continue eating only 500 calories a day for three days. This 72-hour period ensures that you are continuing the low-calorie diet while the remaining HCG injections leave your system. Once those three days have passed, increase your calorie intake to 1,000 to 1,500 per day.

Avoid sugars and starches. Sugars that come from natural sources like fruit are okay, so feel free to enjoy fruits and veggies like strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and rhubarb. Other low glycemic index fruits you can eat include oranges, pears, peaches, and apples.

Keep your water intake at around two liters of water a day. Before meals, drink one or two full glasses to help promote satiation and fullness.

Weight yourself every day. If you weigh more than two pounds over or under your last day of HCG injections weight, do a steak day. During a steak day, you’ll skip breakfast and lunch, instead, consuming lots of fluids all day long, and eat a 14-ounce steak at dinner time with a tomato or followed by an apple.

You can also reintroduce nuts and dairy into your diet but limit the servings to one to two a day. You can choose whatever proteins you like but choose lean cuts whenever possible.

Personal Care Products and Exercise

During maintenance, you can resume your exercise habits. Working out on a regular basis is an excellent way to energize your body, work up a sweat, strengthen your heart, and bolster your health.

You can now resume using whatever cosmetics and personal care products you like, including lotions, foundations, and lipstick.

Choose the Right HCG Injections if You Need Another Round

A small percentage of dieters who use HCG injections have to do another round after they lose the initial weight. Everyone’s metabolism is different, so sometimes the body needs additional courses of the hormone to make weight loss last. If you do another course, make sure you are using authentic, high-quality shots. We prefer USHCGShots.com for all things HCG. Their products are pharmacy-grade and prescription-only, so you know you are getting quality ingredients. Call them today at (855) 862-9510 or contact them online to place an order.