Are HCG Injections Safe for Dieters?

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Are HCG Injections Safe for Dieters?

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When looking for an effective route to weight loss, there can be dozens of diets and guides that never seem to work. HCG injections are a more modern take on weight loss that can affect the body’s hunger response. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) has a long history of research going back nearly a hundred years. Early testing found that the hormone had a strange effect on weight loss and particularly belly fat. While testing it on adolescent boys, Dr. Simeons discovered a slimming down of abnormal fat. He also found that it was safe for use and resulted in little to no adverse side effects. Since it is naturally present in humans, it does not react negatively to the body.

Dieters throughout the United States can benefit from a straightforward plan to increase healthy weight loss. However, finding a source for the hormone shots can be difficult. While you can find untrustworthy dealers online, they may not provide a pure product. Instead of losing weight, dieters can get sick or experience no weight loss benefits. We help dieters find reliable and safe sources for HCG injections.

How to Avoid Fake HCG Injections

As with many things that become popular, there are always knock-offs impersonating as the real product. The hormone is only available within the United States with a prescription. Any over the counter items you spot are most likely fakes. However, most of the time you will be dealing with online sellers. With online sellers, you must watch out for:

  • Lack of prescriptions
  • Little to no information
  • Trouble communicating with the seller
  • Sources from outside the United States

Rely on a Verifiable Source Instead

If you have trouble getting the information you need to make a decision, you may not be dealing with professionals. Communication is an essential indicator of legitimate sellers. Scam companies do not have effective communication because they do not care about customer satisfaction. Also, it is critical to watch out for sellers from outside the United States. Contamination as well as animal hormones from fake HCG injections are common issues with foreign sellers.

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