HCG Shots Diet: Complete the Loading Phase With Success

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HCG Shots Diet: Complete the Loading Phase With Success

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While embarking on your journey into the HCG shots protocol, you will learn that there are multiple phases. The first phase is the loading phase This is where you will put on weight by eating high-fat foods. It sounds counter-intuitive to the goal, which is to lose weight. However, this step is necessary for a successful phase two, which is the weight-loss stage.

Why Do You Need to Load Before Taking HCG Shots?

Gaining weight during phase one is necessary for the success of the subsequent stages. The weight you gain while loading will quickly melt away during the second stage, so do not worry about putting on a few pounds.

The reason the HCG shots protocol involves a fat-loading stage is because the injections can take a few days to enter your system fully. This means that you will need a store of fat that is easily accessible for your body to use up. This sets up the rest of the protocol for success. You will see your body transform as you continue the very-low-calorie diet, followed by stage three of the protocol.

How to Load Properly for Phase One of the HCG Diet

Most patients need to load for two days. Some will require three. If you wake up after two days of loading up on high-fat foods and feel full, then you are ready to begin the very-low-calorie diet. This is phase two. However, if you wake up feeling extremely hungry and empty-stomached, then you may need a third day.

During this phase, the goal is to each a lot of fat while taking HCG shots. Some people stumble during this stage because they do not consume enough fat, but rather eat more carbs and sugar. So while you may have dreams of downing pizza, bacon, and donuts, these are not necessarily the best choices. Add foods like cheese, avocado, butter, mayonnaise, coconut oil, and olive oil to what you are eating.

Dr. Simeons, the original author of the HCG diet protocol, suggests that you can eat whatever you like. It could be ice cream, donuts, pizza, cake, or cheeseburgers. While these foods are okay to eat, try to make smart, clean choices that will set you up for success on the rest of your weight loss journey. The “diet” is called a protocol because instead of a temporary diet, it is setting you up for a lifestyle change that lasts long beyond your last injection.

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