HCG Shots: What Are They Used For?

//HCG Shots: What Are They Used For?

HCG Shots: What Are They Used For?

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Finding the right regimen to improve your weight and health can be difficult when nothing seems to work. Diet and exercise can sometimes not be enough to keep the pounds off for good. There are dozens of benefits to having a healthy body weight. Additionally, benefits of having a healthy weight grow the older one gets. Taking care of yourself is a lot easier to avoid when you are young, and your body is working in overdrive. Metabolisms slow and the average adult tends to have difficulty when it comes to shedding pounds and achieving a healthy routine. HCG shots can be a great diet regiment that has shown positive effects on obesity. Losing unnecessary fat is one of the hardest things to do when dieting. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic, a hormone found in abundance during pregnancy. Men also can potentially produce the hormone in cases of cancers.

What Exactly are HCG Shots?

One of the main questions people have when learning of Human Chorionic Gonadotropic injections is “what exactly is it?” Human Chorionic Gonadotropic is a naturally occurring hormone within the female body during pregnancy. Even though it has human in the name, some disreputable sources can sell you animal hormones. Certain animal products interact with our body in such a way that tests may conclude that you have taken HCG shots. Even though certain tests may find that you are taking legitimate human hormones, you will not benefit from the substance. Nationwide, there are dozens of online sellers of gonadotropic items. But only the real hormone, either from a lab or person, has shown effects that deal with weight and even testosterone. Some questions to keep in mind when determining if you are ordering from a real manufacturer include:

  • Is it coming from a national source (anything outside the U.S does not need to follow FDA regulation)?
  • How long has the business been operational?
  • How easy is it to contact them?
  • Are there reviews?
  • Is the company also based in the U.S?
  • Do they sell it in various forms other than in shots?

Depending on the answers to the previous questions, you may be ordering from a less an untrustworthy retailer. Sites like USHCGinjections.com help provide buyers nationwide with a safe online space to purchase their HCG shots. While you can buy your items almost anywhere on the Internet, you should be careful with injections.

Roles in the Body

Human chorionic gonadotropic is present within the female body naturally during pregnancy. During the formation of the placenta, the substance plays a vital role in setting off a chain reaction. Without the introduction of this response, the fetus may not form correctly. The hormone allows the secretion of other substances that promote fetal growth and health. Nationwide, you may find pregnancy tests the measure human chorionic gonadotropic since it is part of the early stages. Also, injections of the substance are sometimes part of fertility and testosterone treatments. Additionally, it is responsible for the regulation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation. In summary, the roles it plays within the body can help with:

  • Fetal growth
  • Production of hormones
  • Fertility
  • Ovulation


Men may enjoy added benefits from HCG shots that include:

  • Testosterone production
  • Testes stimulation
  • An increase in sperm count
  • Additional weight loss

Those who find themselves suffering from low testosterone have seen some benefits because of its similarities with the luteinizing hormone. This luteinizing substance plays a significant role in both male and female bodies. Because it shows promise in increasing or regulating testosterone, there are dozens of additional beneficial effects. Low testosterone can cause many symptoms within the male body including:

  • Lack of vigor
  • Melancholy (less motivation)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Foggy thinking and concentration
  • Lower sperm count

Fake Hormones

When it comes to false hormones, there are dozens of retailers online that sell such products. Labs from overseas will often sell fake chemicals for an unbelievable price. Counterfeit substances are particularly likely when you order from China, where regulations on the contents are lax. You will commonly see Chinese producers selling it in various forms too, which is a sign that it may be fake. These products are often put under homeopathic medicine though the FDA warns of them. All homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropic items are no under FDA approval. In fact, the FDA warns against the use of them since they have no results on their safety or effectiveness. In comparison, HCG shots have undergone tests for decades. Tests have concluded that the pure substance, recombinant or from a human, is extremely safe. Many experiments found little to no side effects. Effects of fake HCG shots include:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Irritability
  • Weakness throughout body
  • General feeling of unwell (malaise)
  • Headaches and fainting
  • Medical complications from unforeseen interactions

Nationwide, fake homeopathic options are easily purchasable at seemingly amazing discounts. While the FDA does not state that HCG shots directly affect weight loss, it does approve its use in certain situation such as in fertility and testosterone treatments. However, companies that produce oral drops and other homeopathic forms have been the subject of FDA actions. Specific products like “Homeopathic Original HCG” were once sold through U.S vendors. Many of these products have been the subject of removal from the businesses that once sold them. Not only were they often not effective, there have been cases of fake labeling. Instead of risking your health with faulty items, you can purchase real injections through ushcgshots.com

Avoiding Fakes and Homeopathic Products

A general rule of thumb for buying HCG shots online is to make sure that low price you see is not a scam. You can find fake hormones not only from online vendors shipping from overseas but also from within the U.S. Sellers will purchase “cheap” substances while being unaware that it is fake. You can find injections up on sites like eBay without verification or instructions for use and dosage. False products are a waste of your money and time, in addition to being dangerous. When it comes to dieting, HCG shots are commonly part of a very low-calorie regiment. Nationwide, people use HCG shots to help with weight loss. In fact, the first time the substance was experimented on was for the purpose of combating obesity. Proponents of the diet and hormone combination state that it can lower hunger while also targeting unwanted fat. Fake homeopathic producers include:

Avoiding homeopathic options can save you time and money. Many users of homeopathic hormone products like “Homeopathic Original HCG” find no results. In addition, users can end up feeling sick due to the very low-calorie diet without injections.

History of the Diet

HCG Diet Plan | HCG Apple Day | US HCG InjectionsNational use of chorionic gonadotropic injections has grown over the years. As obesity continues to be an increasing problem nationwide, more and more people are looking for remedies. Too many people who simply do not have the time to exercise, it can be alluring. The first testing of the substance was sometime around the 1950’s. Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons, a British researcher, was seeking out alternative approaches to weight loss. In particular, he wanted to target obesity and cases where other methods have not worked. Nationwide, it is easy to find supplements that promise you weight loss. What proponents of the HCG shots commonly state is that it does not necessarily make you lose weight faster. The diet can be responsible for most of the pounds lost, but the hormone can have positive effects on things like:

  • Mood
  • Hunger
  • Energy
  • Cravings
  • Muscle growth

During a very low-calorie diet, it can be critical that you take care of yourself and follow guidelines. Nationwide, there are many very low-calorie diets that can be harmful to muscle growth and burn away necessary fat.


Nationwide, HCG shots have been receiving more and more attention from dieters and even athletes. Many bodybuilders have found that by using the hormone, they may experience muscular benefits. Beyond that, there may be additional benefits for the everyday man including testosterone regulation. The naturally occurring chemical has been under research from different minds around the world since the early 1900s. It began with two researchers, Selmar Aschheim and Bernhard Zondek, during the 1920s. They went on to create what is arguable the first real pregnancy test. Since fetal growth cannot occur without the placenta and placenta formation relies on Human Chorionic Gonadotropic, detection is a clear indicator one may be pregnant. Before, other cultures would typically rely on methods that modern research shows could have been 70% effective.

The Diet

One of the major aspects of HCG shots involves the following of a strict diet alongside injections. This diet, or protocol, requires users only to eat 500 calories worth of food each day. Very low-calorie methods of weight loss typically face some issues. Nationwide, eating very little is part of a dozen diets yet proponents of the protocol claim there are stark differences. For one, when the protocol is part of your injections regiment, users claim it reduces hunger and fatigue. While a very low-calorie diet can be stressful on the body, researchers like Dr. Simeons argue that it counteracts issues. In his research, he notes that subjects who were given the real substance were less hungry and irritable. His original protocol has strict guidelines including:

  • No sunscreen, makeup, or any fat containing cosmetics
  • Strict limit on meat choices
  • Only two meals per day (breakfast is tea or coffee)
  • Avoidance of strenuous activity
  • Limits to vegetable options

Modern Protocol

Due to advances in science and testing, there are now difference protocols nationwide. Many of these instructions seem to work fine as long as you understand the goal. While the very low-calorie diet is for shedding pounds quickly, other diets can be for muscle growth. National use of HCG shots as a workout supplement has also become more prominent. Those wishing to cut weight while maintaining muscle mass sometimes use the hormone alongside their diet. Muscle atrophy is one the main issues with very low-calorie diets that the injections supposedly counteract. Other diets can differ in the variety of meat, what fruit or vegetables are available, and even how many calories. Additionally, most modern protocols also allow such things as sunscreen and cosmetics.


Not being aware of what you are getting can severely damage your body. It is also pertinent that if you are doing the HCG shots diet that you also correctly follow instructions. There are phases when undergoing the regiment and not following them can be counterproductive. Rather than ridding yourself of fat and conserving muscle, you may lose muscle and a tiny amount of fat. Muscle loss can happen with high dosages and from ignoring phase one. Protocols and steps can differ nationwide. We list the phases as:

  1. Fat loading alongside injections regiment
  2. Beginning of the very low-calorie diet regiment
  3. The ending phase that does not allow HCG use

Effects of Not Following Protocol

One of the most important parts of engaging in the HCG shots diet has to involve the correct procedures. Nationwide, you can find testimonies and forum posts detailing individuals progress with HCG shots. Issues can quickly arise if you are not aware of the phases and how they work. One forum users on a weight loss site lost a lot of muscle mass but not a lot of fat. The user in question came to the conclusion that he did not engage in phase one. An HCG shots diet regiment requires that one follows the steps, dosage, and diet correctly to get results. By skipping the first phase, his body did not properly target abnormal fat leading to loss of muscle mass. While HCG shots can be helpful for people suffering from obesity nationwide, it must be done correctly.


Nationwide, we can find dozens of medications that do not work well when overused. A lot of prescription drugs have to be taken carefully to avoid tolerances and dependency issues. With Human Chorionic Gonadotropic, there is a chance it can become less active with overuse. Phase 3 involves no injections to avoid tolerance and testosterone issues. By having a website like ushcgshots.com, buyers can order from anywhere nationwide with exact instructions. Additionally, consumers can benefit from information and assistance that they would not receive from a homeopathic shop. For a reliable national source of Human Chorionic Gonadotropic, visit ushcgshots.com today.