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HCG Drops vs. HCG Injections

I would like to clarify the difference in these two products. The HCG injections kits you see sold on websites should be pharmaceutical grade and prescribed by a full-time staff physician. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops come in two forms: Homeopathic HCG drops and Pharmaceutical HCG drops. HCG Injections vs. HCG Drops When it comes to Read more about HCG Drops vs. HCG Injections[…]

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HCG Injections Basics

The hormone that is in HCG shots is called “human chorionic gonadotrophin.” Pregnant women naturally produce this hormone while developing an embryo after conception. However, by far the best use for HCG injections is weight loss. The HCG diet works for thousands of people worldwide, and for some, the diet is a trustworthy way to lose Read more about HCG Injections Basics[…]