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Are HCG Injections the Right Choice for You?

You may have heard of HCG injections and how amazing they are for people who need to lose a lot of weight. While some people may see self-administering shots for weight loss as an extreme option, it is far less invasive and dangerous than other common options like surgery. Read on to discover more about Read more about Are HCG Injections the Right Choice for You?[…]

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Are You a “Skinny Snob” After Your Weight Loss?

Sharon J., 28, worked at a large San Francisco corporate law firm and was fixated on her weight. At 10 to 30 pounds overweight for most of her childhood, college, law school and early professional years, Sharon eventually lost the weight though her friends were finding it increasingly uncomfortable to be around her. Not satisfied Read more about Are You a “Skinny Snob” After Your Weight Loss?[…]

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Top 5 Low Calorie Cocktails

Okay. It’s five o’clock somewhere, at least according to Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet. But even if it isn’t quite yet the mixing hour in your neighborhood, there’s no crime in giving some thought to that perfect potable that’s easy on the palate and the waistline. (Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw—no 250-plus calorie Cosmopolitans around my size Read more about Top 5 Low Calorie Cocktails[…]