What are HCG Injections?

//What are HCG Injections?

What are HCG Injections?

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You have probably heard dieters raving about shots that aide with health and accomplish weight loss, but what are HCG injections and are they safe? Read on to find out what the shots consist of, how they can benefit you, where to buy them, how to use the shots for weight loss, and how to inject the solution safely. Understanding this hormone-based treatment is the first step in deciding whether it is right for your health objectives.

What are HCG Injections?

It is wise to ask, what are HCG injections? before using them, and the first thing to know is that the main ingredient in the shot is a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. That hormone is what provides all the benefits experienced when using the shots. The hormone is naturally produced by women during pregnancy, but despite the fact that it is produced by women, both men and women can use this treatment. Keep in mind that each gender will experience slightly different results based on their sex.

The hormone is packed with nutrients; it contains 237 amino acids that play a vital role in speeding up your metabolism, keeping cravings at bay, helping to stimulate female fertility, regulating male testosterone, helping to retain muscle mass during weight loss, and providing an overall feel-good energy boost.

Originally, the question, what are HCG injections? was raised by a British doctor. Dr. Simeons unveiled the benefits of these shots in his book, “Pounds and Inches” after spending a decade researching causes and cures for obesity. He discovered that, when paired with a calorie-restricted and wholesome diet, this hormone can help to reduce fat in a short period of time while retaining muscle mass and more.

What are the Benefits of HCG Injections?

One of the main objections brought up when discussing the question, what are HCG injections? is the fear that this hormone functions more like a placebo rather than providing real results. However, when combining the right dosage of shots with the meal plan for weight loss, dieters do not experience the hunger pangs and cravings they would otherwise feel. That is a benefit you can really feel and measure. Other benefits include:

  • Increased energy. People on low-calorie diets will often complain of extreme fatigue and a drop in energy levels. This hormone helps you to not only retain your energy but increases it.
  • Elevated moods. Your mental state affects your wellbeing and a constant good mood without the extreme ups and downs is beneficial for weight loss.
  • Speedy Metabolism. Metabolism for both men and woman functions better and more efficiently, leading to fat loss as your body reacts to the hormone.

Many women taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin see increases in their fertility as well as a normalization of their ovulation cycles, thanks to stimulated egg production. Even women who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant can benefit because the hormone stimulates ovaries to produce more follicles, which in turn improves your ability to get pregnant with the help of In Vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination. If you are wondering, what are HCG injections and how can they help boost fertility? then you may be experiencing problems with getting pregnant. If you pursue this course, make sure to discuss your situation with a physician before beginning treatment.

What are HCG injections good for in the male body? Men also experience incredible benefits because of how the hormone affects testosterone. One of the major selling points for men is enhanced testosterone production, which affects virtually all aspects of male health. It is an anabolic steroid responsible for muscle strength and mass, as well as bone density and strength. Being the primary sex hormone, testosterone makes healthy sperm count possible, governs sex drive, and stimulates the development of all the traditional masculine physical features.

What Are HCG Injections for Weight Loss?

Although there are many various benefits, “What are HCG injections for weight loss?” is the question most often asked by people interested in this hormone treatment.

When the shots are administered in the proper dosage for your body weight and type and paired with the 500-calorie diet created by Dr. Simeons, you can expect to burn fat rapidly. Many success stories and testimonials are floating around and the diet has remained popular for decades due to the successful results countless dieters have experienced. The diet is composed of four phases during which hormone shots are administered on a daily basis and a specific meal regimen is followed.

Four Phases of the HCG Diet System

The four phases include detox, followed by phases one through three.

Detox Phase

One of the best ways to help your mind and body adapt to a new lifestyle and start building new habits while breaking old ones is to do a detox. What are HCG injections and the necessary steps for the introductory phase? It is recommended to do a body cleanse of your choice before beginning the diet. This phase is not required for the diet to work effectively, but is highly recommended as a segue into phase one of the diet.

First Phase

The first phase will not feel like a diet at all as you figure out exactly what are HCG injections and how you are supposed to use them. In fact, what you do is load up on fat. During this phase, the goal is to load your body with fat in order to create stores, which will then be depleted directly before the hormone begins to work on shedding your abnormal stores of fat.

Second Phase

In the second phase, you will enter the calorie-restricted meal zone. What are HCG injections rules during this phase? You are limited to 500 calories per day of wholesome food options. This may sound extreme, but remember that the shots are part of this phase as well. Every day you will administer hormone shots that will help change the way your body feels when consuming only 500 calories. The hormone will balance your appetite, reduce cravings, kill fatigue, and help you to feel awesome despite your low calorie intake.

What are HCG injections diet rules? Here is a basic outline of each meal. Substitutions are permitted, and a full list will be available to you as you order your products and begin your diet.


You get to start your day with your morning black coffee or tea; sugar is not permitted, but artificial sweetener like stevia can be used in unlimited quantities. As you go throughout your day, you can continue drinking as much coffee or tea as you like, but cut the cream. Just one tablespoon of milk may be consumed every twenty-four hours.

Lunch and Dinner

Your afternoon and evening meals offer the same choices; you can mix and match for variety as you decide on a protein, veggies, carbs, and fruit. Here is what you can expect to consume:

  • Protein: your options for proteins include 3.5 ounces of your choice of grilled or broiled meats and seafood including beef, white meat chicken, crab, shrimp, lobster, or white fish with no visible fat. Avoid fatty fish options like tuna, herring, eel, or salmon. Pickled or dried options are not permitted on this diet.
  • Veggies: what are HCG injections rules when it comes to vegetables? Eat as many leafy greens as you want. Most vegetables can be consumed in unlimited portions, so reach for the leafy salad greens such as spinach, chard, and beet greens. You can also enjoy the colorful array of tomatoes, celery, fennel, red radishes, cucumber, onions, cabbage, and asparagus to name just a few. Do not consume starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn.
  • Carbs: carbs should be limited to one breadstick (the size and length of a pencil) or one slice of Melba toast.
  • Fruit: fruit can be enjoyed once a day — apples, a handful of strawberries, half of a grapefruit, or an orange are great options.
  • Drinks/beverages: as mentioned above, tea and coffee can be consumed in unlimited quantities throughout the day. Do not forget the crisp, clear water. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and for the best results, you should drink at least 2 liters a day.
  • Fats: once you are past the fat-loading stage, stay away from butter and oils completely.

The diet is very simple, clean, and wholesome. Dieters are often surprised at how great they feel despite their calorie restrictions. What are HCG injections and where do they come into play during the diet? You will start doing the shots every day as you follow the food plan protocol for strategic fat burning.

How to Inject the Solution Safely

HCG Injections Basics | HCG Shots Basics | US HCG InjectionsIf you are adamantly against needles, you can use this treatment through an alternative method by using drops instead. However, many people use the needle on themselves without experiencing any major discomfort. Even those who are afraid of needles learn that the health results are worth overcoming their phobia.

What are HCG injections in terms of performing self-administered shots? There are two parts of your body for you to do the shots: your abdomen in an area about three fingers of width away from your belly button, and your upper thigh in the area which is about one hand width above your knee and one hand width below the top of your leg. Avoid the inner thigh as it may bruise more readily. Also, be sure to alternate sides so that you are not consistently injecting the same part of the body, as it may become tender. Once you have done it a few times, you will get the hang of it, and you will not have to wonder, “What are HCG injections?” anymore!

In preparation for the shot

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap and use an alcohol wipe to clean the area of your body in which you will inject as well as the syringe. Prepare your injection supplies so they can be reached easily to avoid contaminating your clean hands while fumbling around for things. What are HCG injections supplies? That includes the vial of hormones, a vial of bacteriostatic water, mixing syringes, syringes for injecting, and alcohol prep pads.

Administration of the shot

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What are HCG injections?” you are ready to use them. Once you are prepared, take the vial and roll it around in your palms to mix the solution and warm it to body temperature. Sterilize the needle if you have not done so already and draw back your syringe. Then, draw the liquid slowly with careful attention to the dose.

Gather the sterilized skin that you wish to inject with your fingers. Insert the needle with a quick prick or gently push it into your skin and inject the solution by pressing down on the plunger slowly. Avoid getting too close to small blood vessels as you do your shots to avoid bruising.

Where to Buy HCG Shots Online?

Since you now know, what are HCG injections? are you ready to embark on your journey to a whole new you? When it comes to making an online purchase, are you prepared for finding the right retailer? Read on to find out what to watch out for when buying this hormone online and learn more about respectable sellers we can confidently recommend.

What to Watch Out For When Choosing an Online Retailer

Always remember that this hormone treatment is legally available in the United States by prescription only. Therefore, many imposters exist in the marketplace and it is necessary to shop wisely. Always verify that the retailer you choose is selling genuine, pharmacy-grade shots or drops. Here are two United States companies that we can safely recommend. The first offers products for U.S. residents, but not for those living in Florida. The second caters to Floridian buyers only.

  1. USHCGShots.com

This shop offers quality, United States-made products for shipment to all U.S. states except Florida. Florida residents can skip down to the next marketplace on our list.

Pros: This shop offers U.S.-sourced pharmacy-grade products that are physician approved. The cost of purchasing products includes doctor supervision.

Cons: This shop does not handle international orders and will not ship to Puerto Rico or Florida.

What you can expect:

  • High-quality products from pharmacies licensed in the United States
  • Online diet supervision by licensed physicians
  • You will not be required to go on any doctor office visits
  • Blood tests are not required for a prescription
  • They offer kits with all injecting and mixing supplies necessary for 28- or 50-day plans
  • Other products include energy boosting vitamin B12 and lipotropic fat-burning solutions
  • Reviews and testimonials are available
  • They offer discounts and coupons, check them out on the discount page.

Starting a new diet and sticking to it from start to finish can be a challenge. USHCGShots.com understands that and provides you with access to diet coaches, doctor support, and even recipes to keep your meal planning enjoyable.

Visit them at ushcgshots.com

  1. FLHCG.com

Dieters who live in Florida will find everything they need from this shop, a reputable telemedicine company who ships to Florida residents. You can get your prescription by doing a medical interview with one of the doctors through their online service to save the time and money of visiting a physician’s office.

Pros: You can expect to get Untied States-sourced pharmacy-grade quality products along with doctor supervision and answers to your questions like, “What are HCG injections?”

Cons: This market only ships to residents in the state of Florida. They do not fulfill international orders or those from any other state. U.S. residents who do not live in Florida, see the previous company for more information.

What you can expect:

  • They offer products from licensed U.S. pharmacies
  • You will receive doctor supervision through their online service
  • You are not required to submit a blood test before beginning the diet
  • Complete kits are available for 28- or 50-day diet plans
  • Energy booster B12 and lipotropic fat-burning add-ons are available
  • You can find doctor reviews and testimonials
  • Telephone support is available for consultations
  • They offer coupons and discounts, so be sure to check the coupon page.

What are HCG Injections? Your Key to Weight Loss and Health

Always go with your gut feeling when deciding. Ask, “What are HCG injections?” and get your answers here. The short answer? They are your key to weight loss success and excellent health. Check out the sites we mentioned and contact them if you have any questions or concerns.