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HCG Diet Successful People! Top 8 Suprising Habits

What is it that makes hCG diet successful for some people? Those who’ve spent years on various weight loss plans, only to become more frustrated as they plod along and/or gain it all back, find the hCG diet protocol works—and quickly, as it is designed to do. But when talking about hCg diet successful people and[…]

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Why Am I So Tired? Try These Top 17 Reasons On for Size!

If you’ve spent a 12-hour day skiing or boarding, come dinner time you just may feel like crashing. If you’ve put in 60-70 hours a week at your job, or work two jobs with no down time, it’s understandable that you’ll wear yourself out: body and mind. Maybe your full time job plus managing a hectic family life leaves you little time to sleep, eat right or work out. In that case, again, it’s a no-brainer that you are going to operate in a near-collapse mode unless something changes. Or, if you stay out partying or roam up until 3 a.m. trying to get it all done, chances are the results are going to leave you more exhausted than energized. These outcomes are to be anticipated.

But what about doing everything (or almost everything!) right, and you’re still dragging yourself through your 10 a.m. staff meeting?

One or more of the following possibilities for fatigue may just hit home, and though some may sound unconventional, taking the time to investigate may yield positive results: […]

Why Make Warm Winter Smoothies?!

Missing summer’s cool, fresh, fruity smoothies? Cold weather smoothies (some served warm) can help boost your immune system and fortify you against the season’s chill. What’s more, scientists have found that holding a warm drink (as opposed to something iced) at a business or social gathering can influence one’s perception of others in the room. Hypotheses range and include an early association with parental and/or caregivers’ warmth—the first warmth we experienced out of the womb—and how safe we felt in close proximity to it. No doubt everything looked rosy from there! Perhaps paramount to that, the insula part of the brain is where temperature warmth is processed, and also where judgments about others are formed. […]


Are You a “Skinny Snob”?

Sharon J., 28, worked at a large San Francisco corporate law firm and was fixated on her weight. At 10 to 30 pounds overweight for most of her childhood, college, law school and early professional years, Sharon eventually lost the weight though her friends were finding it increasingly uncomfortable to be around her. Not satisfied to rest on her weight loss laurels, so to speak, she spent a lot of time voicing her opinion about everyone from overweight diners in a restaurant to pudgy people in clothing stores to someone in too-tight pants (who shouldn’t be) five rows away in a movie theater.

“I was pretty bad,” she admits. “I’d eye the large Snickers bar and tub of greasy, hot buttered popcorn in their arms and shake my head—even commenting way above a whisper that the bearer had made a serious mistake and should have opted for carbonated water instead.” She also admitted that cloaked in her snippy running commentary was her own fear of gaining back the weight she had painstakingly taken off. “It was the hardest thing I’d ever done besides getting into law school,” she confessed. […]


Top Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving and More

Here it comes—the holiday season! If you sit in staff meetings in October and even September dreaming of chestnut dressing and pumpkin pie, and your mind keeps running to glazed ham, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, hot cocoa and cookie swaps, this year can be different. Who says those two months between Halloween and New Year’s have to turn you into the poster child for size 3X. Time to pound those pounds, or better yet, not put them on at all.

In fact, statistics show that for many of us, the pounds gained during the holiday season are not taken off, even later in the winter when New Year’s resolutions are well underway and health club membership numbers climb through the roof.

“Everyone has the best of intentions,” says triathlete, personal trainer and former Vermont gym owner Rob Hanson, in the fitness field for 25 years. “But like anything else, for too many people life just gets in the way.”

Still, the holidays don’t have to sabotage your weight in the first place, Hanson continues. Married to licensed nutritionist Evie Snow, the couple says they take precautions from the beginning to make sure food tastes great and satisfies them and their guests—without all the fat, sugar and extra calories. “There are so many substitutions, you either don’t know you’re eating anything different or you realize you’ve found something even better than the traditional recipe,” Snow says. “It’s like creating a new tradition.” […]

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Weight Loss and Relationships

According to the National Institute of Health, more than two out of three U.S. adults (68.8 percent) are considered overweight or obese.* And for many of these adults, weight loss is a serious goal with both physical and psychological implications.

“You’d think the results would all be good,” said Alissa Hanes-Stewart, 32, a recently married social worker. Nearly 40 pounds overweight, Stewart was finding it harder and harder to do her fieldwork which involved time in and out of the car, visiting people’s homes. “Even walking up a small hill or outside steps would wind me so much I’d have to stop and collect myself,” she said.

Following a healthy eating and exercise regimen recommended by her doctor, and with the help of a personal trainer at her neighborhood gym, Hanes-Stewart embraced her new lifestyle wholeheartedly and was halfway to her goal when her husband’s, Robert’s, attitude toward her began to change. Instead of reveling in his wife’s achievements and newly-emerging physique, he became distant—their relationship strained, as he was unable to communicate what was bothering him. […]

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Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight

Marylee Corliss, 31, had been at the same weight since high school. Considered proportionate to her height, she was always vigilant about maintaining her weight with a healthy diet, gym workouts, weekend hikes or bike rides with her fiancé, yoga classes when she could fit them in and chasing after the 2-year-old she took care of as a nanny. So how could she have possibly gained so much over the past six months that she was now wearing the next largest clothing size?

“I hadn’t changed anything,” Corliss said in frustration about her 11-pound weight gain. “In fact, in the past year, I’d even eliminated red meat, pasta, Sunday bagels and cream cheese, and added olive oil to my diet in place of butter. I cut down on sweets—not easy to do around a 2-year-old who lives for Gummy Bears and cookies.”

Medical experts say there are many reasons for weight gain, besides taking in more calories than you’re burning off, of course. Health issues including hormones, medications, genetics and more can pack on the pounds, so if you’re gaining weight and are certain it is not food-related, a visit to the physician can help determine what the reason is. […]