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hCG Injection Kit purchased online.

Navigating the web to find hCG injections online can be confusing and even scary depending on what you are looking to purchase. In my case I was looking to test my experience when purchasing HCG injections online.

After looking around I decide to spend my money at US HCG Shots for this test. I noticed that the site was straightforward, not a lot of “sales speak” trying to convince me to buy the HCG, yet the ordering process is streamlined and simple.

Let me back up for a minute and let you know why I don’t like sales speak too much. First by the time I have reached the site I already want to buy, I don’t want to see more attempts to sell me when I get to the site.

I also don’t like pushy salespeople, sites with a long sales page or a reminder every five words about how great they or their product are just gives me the sleazy sales guy vibe.

Last but not least I have seen too many sites that spend all of their time trying to “sell” you yet very little time providing useful information, FAQ’s, instructions or at least appear to have a neutral stance.

Trustworthy HCG Injections Online

All of these hold true with US HCG Shots where I get my hCG injections online. The information is on the site if you need to research, but not the 1st thing you see, they reassure you that they are an honest and legitimate company but they do not go overboard making crazy claims or trying overly hard to sell you the product, each product has a description and most have reviews and last but not least it is ridiculously easy to make a purchase. Exactly what I am looking for!

The ordering process was stupidly simple. You find the product you like, click on it, read about and then add it to cart if you want it. You then go to the shopping cart where you can review your order and enter a coupon code if you have one (hint, there is one displayed on the main page if you are a 1st time buyer) then you can apply the coupon and finish checking out.

Once you have purchased the product and made payment you are asked to complete a medical form, which if not completed means you don’t get the product. Again, very quick and easy to complete.

I ended up buying the basic 28 day HCG injection kit which comes with everything you see in the picture. The hcg diet kit includes a vial of HCG a vial of Bacteriostatic water for the HCG (it has to be mixed with 5 ml of water) it comes with alcohol wipes and band aids in case you get a boo boo. J

Also included in a syringe to draw the bacteriostatic water out and to put in the HCG vial as well as an information card which just directs you back to the site for instructions if you need them.

The kit arrived in 3 days, may have come earlier if I had not ordered late at night, I am pretty happy with the speed and efficiency of the company.

I have not had to call in but it looks like they have phone service available Monday through Friday until 9Pm Eastern Time, that’s a huge plus in the event that I have questions.

Most of the hcg injections online kit was bundled in the bubble wrap, so be sure to open it before getting concerned.

It was also a relief to see that the HCG was produced in a pharmacy in the USA, a must for me. I will never trust my health to a company that uses overseas sources because I have no idea of what their standards may be. I know for certain that US standards are very high when it comes to pharmaceutical products!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, the shipping was fast and the ordering was easy, I got $18 off my order by using the code on the homepage. Spending less than $200 for my HCG shots sure beats the $500-$600 per month I have been quoted by my local clinic!

UPDATE: Look for hcg injections online coupons and discounts on the US HCG SHOTS discounts and coupons page.

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