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What are HCG Injections?

You have probably heard dieters raving about shots that aide with health and accomplish weight loss, but what are HCG injections and are they safe? Read on to find out what the shots consist of, how they can benefit you, where to buy them, how to use the shots for weight loss, and how to Read more about What are HCG Injections?[…]

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Where Can I Buy HCG Shots?

The eternal question for those on the HCG diet: Where can I buy HCG shots? Taking on a new diet to lose weight can be a challenge. You may need to revamp your lifestyle completely in order to succeed at dropping the pounds. Adding the challenge of purchasing the right supplies on top of that complicates Read more about Where Can I Buy HCG Shots?[…]

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HCG Diet Successful People! Top 8 Surprising Habits

What is it that makes hCG diet Successful for some people? Those who’ve spent years on various weight loss plans, only to become more frustrated as they plod along and/or gain it all back, find the hCG diet protocol works—and quickly, as it is designed to do. But when talking about hCG diet successful people and Read more about HCG Diet Successful People! Top 8 Surprising Habits[…]

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HCG Injections Instructions: Mixing HCG

Depending on where you purchase your HCG injections the directions may vary from provider to provider but there are enough commonalities to provide some basic guidelines that may prove useful to those who are trying the HCG diet plan for the 1st time. The most common, and reliable, method of taking HCG is by using Read more about HCG Injections Instructions: Mixing HCG[…]

HCG Injections Diet

Around since the 1950s, the popular yet controversial hCG diet was designed to facilitate rapid weight loss without the issues that challenge—and ultimately sabotage—many diets, predominantly gnawing, unrelenting hunger pangs and fatigue.

Originated by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who’d studied obesity for 40 years prior to creating the diet protocol featuring injections of hCG, or human […]

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Are HCG Injections Effective for Fibromyalgia?

Following a significant car accident in her 20s, Elaine Duggan, now 42, suffered from the effects of fibromyalgia for years. Some studies posit that the condition is precipitated by physical trauma such as the one Duggan experienced as a crash victim. With sleep coming at a premium, along with cognitive issues, severe headaches, irritable bowel Read more about Are HCG Injections Effective for Fibromyalgia?[…]

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The HCG Shots Diet Phases

The HCG shots diet is a weight loss program that, when researched and followed correctly, can have extraordinary results, especially for those who are starting their first round. Something that’s often overlooked by first time HCG dieters are the actual phases of the diet. In the 1950s, when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was developing the diet, Read more about The HCG Shots Diet Phases[…]