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Many men may wonder if hCG injections will benefit them if they were to begin a regiment. There are over a dozen benefits of hCG and not a lot of reasons not being injections if you are seeking out the specific benefits. HCG injections are not simply part of a diet or limited to women, as some may assume. HCG injections have helped both men and women remove unwanted fat by causing the body to attack fat reservoirs instead of necessary fat. All the dietary benefits of following the hCG injections diet protocol benefit men in need of weight loss and muscle retention. In fact, hCG injections may actually have added benefits in men. The many benefits of hCG injections for men include:

  • Weight loss (if following the hCG injections diet protocol)
  • Testosterone regulation
  • Improved sperm count
  • Increased energy
  • Increased testosterone production
  • Improved muscle growth

While men and women both produce hCG naturally throughout their lives, women produce much more. This is especially true during pregnancy. Therefore, men seem to have a higher sensitivity compared to women. In tests done to measure how effective the hCG diet is, men were found to have a significantly higher decrease in overall weight loss. While hCG benefits women greatly, the benefits of hCG injections for men may be even more.

What Exactly is hCG?

One of the first questions one might ask themselves is, “what exactly is hCG?” Anyone interested in the benefits of hCG injections for men should also be aware of what they are using. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a human hormone found both in men and women and is comprised of 237 amino acids. It plays a central role in helping fetal development during pregnancy and detecting testicular tumors. Researchers have noted that high level of hCG in men not undergoing hCG injections may be a sign of a cancerous tumor related to the testicles. However, no connections between hCG injections and increased tumor growth has been made.

How is hCG Produced?

HCG is produced in very low quantities in men and does not rise unless from a tumor that affects the testes. However, the potential benefits of hcg injections for men includes improved testicular health and sperm count. Primarily, hCG is found in abundance in the urine of pregnant women. This is because a large amount of hCG is produced during pregnancy to help in the development of the fetus. HCG directly correlates to the growth of the placenta, which is necessary for fetal health and development. After the egg has been fertilized and placenta begins the growth, the body is signaled to produced large amount of hCG. It is then passed through the urine throughout the pregnancy. Isolating human chorionic gonadotropin from urine is also one of the major ways in which hCG injections are created.

Artificial HCG

HCG may also be produced artificially as a synthetic hormone. Some proponents of the benefits of hCG injections for men state that artificial hCG lacks prion contamination. This comes from a 2011 research paper that documented prion impurities in some batches of hCG. Though there has been no documented case of prion disease from hCG injections, some still advocate the use of artificial recombinant hCG. They argue that the benefits of hCG injections for men can be outweighed by prion disease so it is better to simply buy artificial hCG. That being said, consumers must be aware of where and how their hCG is created. HCG manufacturers outside the United States have a higher chance of shipping animal hCG or impure hCG. To be safe, hCG injection users should only purchase hCG produced within the United States.

How Does HCG Work?

The benefits of hCG injections for men includes increased sperm production and testicular regulation. HCG could be described as acting like a natural testosterone booster in men. This may be because hCG is nearly identical to Luteinizing hormone, a hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone, also known as lutropin, is known as being the hormone responsible for increasing cell testosterone production. Specifically, hCG affect the leydig cells in men; cells that are found in the testicles. Users also report a stimulation of testicles after hCG use. Some anabolic steroid users report the hCG regulates sperm production and testicle size. While steroid abuse is certainly not recommended, those stopping the use of steroids have found it useful. Former steroid users report that hCG injections helped regrow the testicles after testicular shrinkage (common with steroid abuse).

Benefits of HCG Injections for Men Alongside Diet

Since HCGs initial reported benefits in humans, there have been dozens of papers to verify the results of the diet. The first reports released by the FDA stated that the hCG injections diet had no significant results. However, many other groups have researched hCG since then and come to different conclusions. In 1973, an article published by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition found significant results with the diet. Men suffering from obesity or who find it impossible to maintain their shape may benefit from the hCG injections diet. Two of the major benefits of hCG injections for men, alongside a diet, is the promotion of muscle health and reduction of hunger. HCG has a special property in that it promotes fat loss while also reducing the loss of muscle.

The Issue with Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is the wasting or degradation of muscle. The main issue with low calorie diets is that they often lead to unwanted muscle atrophy. So, men attempting to lose weight or cut fat for a more chiseled body may end up losing more muscle weight than fat weight. Researchers have found muscle retention to be one of the major potential benefits of hCG injections for men. Bodybuilders and dieters alike find this unacceptable which is why most low calorie diets simply do not work well. Muscle atrophy can happen for a couple of reasons such as:

  • Malnutrition
  • Disease
  • Sickness
  • Lack of activity
  • Medication
  • Nerve damage
  • And a low-calorie diet

Muscle atrophy can lead to all kinds of other complications within the body and should be avoided as much as possible. Not only can muscle atrophy be painful, it can be life threatening. The benefits of hCG injections for men is that hCG directs the body to use fat storages and preserves muscle. When partaking in a low-calorie diet, the body has a tendency to attack muscle and necessary fats instead of your storage fat. Storage fat in adipose tissue is then barely touched as the dieter loses more muscle other fats.

hCG Testosterone Treatments | US HCG InjectionsHCG Testosterone Treatments

Since hCG is known to affect the cells in the testicles and testosterone, it makes sense that researchers looked to the hormone to develop testosterone treatments. Some major benefits of hCG injections for men revolve around the improvement of testosterone productions. This especially useful for men who have low testosterone, or low T, and low fertility. Research shows that testosterone typically drops off for men going into their 40’s. Researchers observed the loss of testosterone at about 1% each year after they reach their 40’s. Those more advanced in age may find the testosterone benefits of hCG injections for men particularly appealing.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low T can cause a host of problems within the body and none of them are good for men. Low T can cause complications in the body that can lead to:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue (feel drained of energy daily)
  • Decreased muscle mass and lack of strength/vigor
  • A large increase body fat
  • Back and side pains
  • Gynecomastia, the development of male breasts
  • Lowered sperm count
  • An increased rate of heart attack
  • Decreased sex drive (libido)
  • And more

Why even risk going through life with low T when it is easily manageable. The dangers of low testosterone are undeniably greater than a simple shot of something your body already produces. Statistics show that somewhere around 15 million men in the United States suffers from low T to some degree. The overwhelming majority of them, around 12 million, may not even know and go undiagnosed their whole lives. The benefits of hCG injections for men includes improving all the negative effects of low T.

Why HCG Testosterone Treatments?

Some potential users may wonder why they should rely on a HCG testosterone treatment compared to another treatment. For one, hCG has been researched multiple times to the conclusion that it does not have many, if any, side effects. Most side effects associated with hCG can be attributed to the lack of food in the diet protocol or irritation of the injection site. However, this cannot be said about TRT. This form of testosterone treatment can take make forms from surgically implanted pellets that dissolves under the skin to patches simply applied to the skin. This type of treatment has the potential to go badly with some gaining symptoms like:

  • Testicle Shrinkage
  • Breast enlargement
  • Enlarged prostate
  • And Heart attack

In comparison, one of the main benefits of hCG injections for men in testosterone treatments is that lack of side effects. The issue with traditional testosterone treatments is that they have a chance to alter the body’s natural production of testosterone. After the treatment, patients may find themselves worse off as the body now needs constant testosterone stimulation. On, the other hand, hCG is known to increase and regulate testosterone through hCG injections.

Benefits of Regulated Testosterone

Having regulated testosterone levels affects many factors through the male body. The benefits of hCG injections for men include all the benefits of regulating testosterone which include:

  • Increased red blood cell count
  • Reduced risk of arthritis
  • Increased Libido
  • Reduced risk of obesity
  • Weight loss
  • Increased density of bones
  • Reduced risk of sexual dysfunctions

While hCG has not been approved as a dietary supplement by the FDA, it has been approved for certain testosterone treatments. Not only is it safe, it is effective. Studies in testosterone treatments have found that hCG injections are highly effective at maintain testicular function. Some men, however, do not need this in their treatment. Men who are at a stage in life in which they still want children may desire hCG over traditional testosterone treatments.

Why Buy Online U.S HCG?

The benefits of hCG injections for men are only possible through injection. Given that hCG is a naturally occurring human hormone, the body processes it with no issues. Studies have found oral use to be dangerous to the liver and other forms to not be as effective. HCG injections are not sold in stores so online retailers are the way to go in the modern age. Many retailers will advertise that they have pure hCG from humans but that may not be the case. Consumers should pay close attention to the credentials of a website before purchasing. Legitimate retailers should be in the U.S and be easily accessible. In all, retailers of hCG should be:

  • Of United States origin
  • Easily communicable
  • Knowledgeable about hCG
  • Know how and where they produce their hCG
  • Have guidelines for injection and diet
  • Include general information on hCG

There should be detailed instructions of use and contact with the retailer should be reliable and consistent. Some potential dieters or hCG injections users may find the cheap prices of less reputable sites alluring but it is not worth it. Often, you’ll be sold a fake product. The benefits of hCG injections for men do not occur if you’re injecting fake hCG or a low-quality product. The benefits of hCG injections for men are redeemable through only a small dosage. If you have ordered hCG from a less than reputable site and noticed no effects, then you may have not gotten hCG.

Is HCG Safe?

As previously stated, hCG has been found to be completely safe. There have been no documented cases of hCG causing a deathly reaction or serious health issues. Doctors generally agree that hCG is rather safe with a lack of serious side effects.  Only a small amount of hCG is actually injected during hCG injections for the active effects. During pregnancy, women typically produce much more than what is given through the injections. Even the most modern scare towards hCG injections, prion disease, is completely undocumented. While researchers connected the possibility of prion disease with prions in hCG, there have been no cases of hCG injections causing prion disease. Even so, if one wants to be safe, recombinant hCG is the way to go. Researchers from the same paper reported zero prions within recombinant hCG.

Get the HCG Kit Today

Sites such as readily offer affordable regiments of hCG. Consumers within the U.S. are urged to contact the owners and ask any questions that may concern them. HCG from sites such as US hCG Shots follow FDA guidelines and can be expected to be quality hCG and not fake. The benefits of hCG injections for men are not to be missed out on. All it takes is a first order to being losing weight or regulating testosterone.