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Katherine Rodriguez, MD

Katherine Rodriguez, MD,
Medical Director

Welcome to our New Doctor’s Blog! We have created this special page on our blog so that all of our readers could get accurate and true information from a licensed physician. There is so much incorrect information on the internet when it comes to the hCG diet and I’m not sure about you but with such a specific diet, I wanted to make sure I was getting true and correct information while on the hCG diet. So we asked a licensed physician, Dr. Katherine Rodriguez, to help us out. We will be posting articles that she has written to help give everyone accurate information.

Now, since hCG is written off label, there are many different ways the hCG is prescribed to be used. Please keep in mind that Dr. Rodriguez prescribes hCG very conservatively and has attempted to stay as close to Dr. Simeon’s original protocol as possible. Why fix it if it isn’t broken right?

The topics and opinions discussed are for educational purposes and should not be considered medical advice without first consulting with your own medical doctor.

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Dr. Katherine Rodriguez, Born and raised in Miami, Florida, is the Medical Director of Nationwide Telemedicine, LLC. She received her Medical Doctorate at Ross University School of Medicine.  She completed her residency at Winthrop University Hospital Center and St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about wellness through the aging years.  Her commitment to weight loss and management and to looking one’s best began in her training with Cenegenics while she was still a Pathology resident.  Further, it was at the autopsy table that Dr. Rodriguez realized that the end point can be changed with a focus on preventative medicine.

Dr. Rodriguez has been practicing weight loss and age management medicine since 2010.

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