HCG Diet Successful People! Top 8 Surprising Habits

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HCG Diet Successful People! Top 8 Surprising Habits

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What is it that makes hCG diet Successful for some people?

Those who’ve spent years on various weight loss plans, only to become more frustrated as they plod along and/or gain it all back, find the hCG diet protocol works—and quickly, as it is designed to do. But when talking about hCG diet successful people and embarking on any program takes commitment, so what are the top 8 habits of people who’ve triumphed over weight issues on the hCG diet protocol?

First, for anyone not familiar with hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, it’s a glycoprotein—or hormone—produced by a portion of the placenta following implantation. Pregnancy tests determine the presence of hCG, which for the record is comprised of 237 amino acids. Research suggests that when dieters use hCG injections, they increase metabolism similar to that of a pregnant female by stimulating the body to release calories stored in fat. With hCG injections in tandem with a 500-calorie a day diet, dieters report experiencing no or minimal hunger pangs in the first week and generally a feeling of complete satiation during the rest of the protocol, which is about 45 days, depending on one’s goals. hCG is also instrumental in preventing muscle deterioration, which sometimes happens during extreme low-calorie diets.

So what are some of the practices and habits of hCG diet successful that propel them to weight loss victory? The following can help improve your chances of making the hCG diet the last one you’ll ever need!

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    1. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, the two-day loading phase is integral to the diet’s effectiveness so be sure to take it seriously and not omit it. The goal is to help restore any inadequate fat reserves, sometimes depleted following previous dieting attempts. Eating large amounts of fatty foods including butter, bacon, mayonnaise, avocado, nuts, cream cheese, other cheeses, cream sauces, marbled beef and more will help launch an effective diet plan, also serving to mitigate any potential hunger pangs in the first week.hCG Diet Tips | US hCG Injections | US Health and Fitness Information
    2. While fish—especially salmon which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid—is high on most diet plan agendas, the hCG diet advocates staying away from fatty fish like salmon, tuna, eel, herring and dried or pickled fish, and other fatty proteins like marbled beef and pork. Be sure to study the diet carefully before choosing which 3.5 ounces of protein to consume at lunch and dinner.
    3. Ditto creams and lotions, as most contain some form of fats or oils. Though they are not ingested but absorbed into the skin, hCG diet protocol founder Dr. A.T. Simeons posits they can affect intended weight loss. Doing some homework on appropriate products and using mineral oil (which, though it sounds like a fatty product, is not), in place of moisturizer is recommended.
    4. Stay Hydrated on Your hCG Diet | US hCG InjectionsOn a limited calorie diet, and even if not dieting, dehydration can result in extreme fatigue, light-headedness and even be confused with the need to eat. Drinking the recommended amount of water (or more) will help you feel better. Successful hCG dieters take this seriously and feel better.
    5. As tempting as it is, prescribed food choices are critical to hCG diet weight loss. Tinkering with them by adding “just one bite of strawberry rhubarb pie because it’s my birthday,” or even a type of protein not permitted on the diet may sabotage you in your efforts, which, are considerable in the face of such stringent dieting. Why ruin them?
    6. You may be tempted to exercise so as not to backslide and not be an hCG diet successful person, if you’d been exercising prior to going on the hCG protocol. (However, do keep in mind that one of the benefits of hCG is that it prevents muscle deterioration.) Founder Dr. A.T. Simeons cautioned against exercise, however, as he said the prescribed 500 calories a day can be burned up in an hour of strenuous exercise, and those calories need to fuel you throughout the day. If you must do something, a brisk walk should be it. More recent iterations of the diet that do include exercise other than walking have increased calorie consumption to 600-750 in order to accommodate.
    7. During the maintenance phase, or the 3-week period following the last hCG injection, adhering to the maintenance protocol is the difference between stabilizing/maintaining the weight loss and having to start over again or at the very least, adding a steak day or two. In other words your body’s “set point” was preliminarily altered during the diet, and giving it more time under controlled conditions will help anchor it in its new position. Ditching the sugars and starches (or carbs minus fiber) during this time will help keep you on your intended path.
    8. Foods to Eat During Your hCG Diet | US hCG InjectionsIf you are a vegetarian or vegan on the hCG diet protocol, make sure to research and confirm which protein substitutes can be effectively used without sabotaging the diet. In the 1950s when Dr. Simeons conceived of the plan, there were far fewer options in this respect. But even today, for example, products containing soy are reported to be risky in that soy has been documented as a hormone disrupter. This may interfere with a hormone like hCG and your hCG diet successful.

products containing soy are reported to be risky

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