HCG Shots: Why Am I Stalling with my Weight Loss?

//HCG Shots: Why Am I Stalling with my Weight Loss?

HCG Shots: Why Am I Stalling with my Weight Loss?

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If you have been taking HCG shots and losing weight, but find yourself stalling, you are not alone. A small percentage of dieters pursuing this method also find that they plateau at a certain weight during their weight loss journey. When this happens, it is usually for a specific reason. Here we will discuss some of the most common reasons why dieters plateau and how to fix it.

1. Your Dose Is Off

If you find yourself feeling hungry, craving foods, or otherwise stalling, your dosage is likely off. When taking HCG shots, dosage is everything. Without enough of the hormone in your system, your body won’t get the benefits of HCG like curbing hunger, eliminating cravings, and flushing away excess fat. Most people need somewhere between 125iu and 175iu. If you need to adjust your dose, do it 10 to 15iu at a time. You’ll know you have the right dose when you are mostly not hungry during the day except moderately at mealtime and then satisfied for several hours after eating.

2. Your Body Is Doing Everything It Can Already

Bodies are not machines. Though they do amazing things without us even thinking about it, they can only do so much when it comes to weight loss. Some people think they are stalling when really, they just need to look at the bigger picture. If you are losing one pound a day and then for two days you weight the same, some people might grow concerned. However, when you consider the bigger picture, you are losing one pound per day. In most cases, that would be unbelievable! However, it’s possible with HCG shots, and sometimes you need to let your body adjust to the changes.

3. Have You Exercised?

While some people can continue to exercise while on a very low-calorie diet, others are better off not pushing themselves. Fatigue is common for those who try to push themselves and continue working out. Usually, with exercise comes an increased appetite, so it’s usually best to avoid it while taking HCG shots. If you find yourself plateauing, look at your routine and reconsider your options.

4. Are You Following the HCG Shots Diet Closely?

The diet protocol Dr. Simeons — the original founder of the HCG diet — created is restrictive for a reason: it works. While taking HCG shots, you need to avoid oils, fats, and other foods and drinks not listed in the protocol. While foods like bananas are touted for their health benefits, they are not included in the diet protocol. So, if you eat a banana here, and a dollop of butter there, you’ll see yourself stalling or even gaining weight.

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