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Weight loss requires effort, but if you are one of the countless people who has tried it all and still struggles with stubborn pounds, the HCG shots diet may be right for you. Unlike many other calorie-restricted weightless strategies, this diet leaves you feeling satisfied and improves your overall wellbeing.

HCG Shots Diet Improves Overall Wellbeing

The vital factor of the HCG shots diet is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). The hormone affects women differently than it does men, but both sexes receive countless benefits that improve their overall health and vitality. It is optimal for weightless because it speeds up metabolism, helping to burn fat while increasing energy. The injections contain 237 amino acids that work to support muscle retention, stimulate fertility in females, and regulate testosterone levels in males. Dieters following the calorie-restricted plan are often amazed that they feel satisfied in between meals and receive an extra boost of vitality.

The HCG Shots Diet Plan

Cutting calories is the essential ingredient for burning off those that you already have. It is not rocket science, but often difficult to put into practice because of poor eating habits formed over the years. The good news is that persistence and discipline can undo the bad habits and replace them with healthy ways of eating and living as you lose weight.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons studied obesity for forty years before arriving at the HCG shots diet plan. He researched the physical aspects as well as the psychological reasons behind extreme weight gain and formed a method to help his patients back to health. He discovered that two of the hormones that get secreted from the anterior lobe, of the female pituitary gland could actually stimulate the body to stay satisfied during low-calorie intake. The two hormones, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH), aide allow a person to remain active and comfortable while consuming fewer calories.

The feeling of satisfaction you experience with the help of injections goes further than the absence of hunger pangs, but also helps you avoid sarcopenia. Typically, the result of low-calorie diets, sarcopenia, is the gradual muscle loss that occurs when the body is not properly nourished. The HCG liquid contains all of the nutrients necessary to retain and build muscle while dissolving fat cells.

The hormones are also responsible for balancing the appetite, which results in reduced cravings for unhealthful or large quantities of food during the HCG shots diet regime. When following the eating plan, the body receives enough nutrients to feel healthy without the weariness and fatigue that is often the side effect of a low-calorie diet.

What Kind of Eating Plan Do I Follow?

The eating plan is best to jump-started with an introductory cleanse; this phase is optional but recommended to prepare you for your body and mind for the weight loss journey ahead. After the initial period, the HCG shots diet is broken up into four phases. Read on to find out what each step of the process entails.

Introduction Phase

Although this step is optional, cleansing the body of toxins is a good way of entering into a new state of mind and ridding yourself of old habits that promote a toxic lifestyle. There are many different detox options available, and some are more limiting than others. Options may include intense colon cleanses, juice cleanses, fruit and vegetable cleanses, or even a water fast. Choose a detox plan that will work with your lifestyle and use it as an exciting kickoff for your HCG shots diet.

First Phase

Phase one requires you to begin administering your injections while loading up on fat. This is called the extreme fat loading phase, and it works by creating fat stores in your body, which need to be depleted in preparation for the Gonadotropin to kick in and begin the fat burning process.

Second Phase

During phase two of the HCG shots diet, you will start to restrict your calories and follow a meal plan while continuing with the injections. Your calorie allowance will be 500 calories per day. The duration of this phase will go in conjunction with how much weight you wish to lose.

  • 15 pounds or less — a minimum of 23 HCG injections.
  • Up to 34 pounds — 40 doses is the maximum amount for one cycle, which is equivalent to about 34 pounds of weight loss.

During this phase, you can alter food options slightly, but here is a general 3-meal layout for the day:

  • Breakfast: for breakfast and throughout the day, you can enjoy as many cups of coffee and tea as you like, with unlimited amounts of artificial sweetener. Do not use regular sugar. A tablespoon of milk may be consumed every 24 hours.
  • Lunch and Dinner: your lunch and dinner will include the same options:
    • Your proteins can consist of 3.5 ounces of white chicken meat, beef, shrimp, white fish, crab, or lobster, either broiled or grilled. When it comes to seafood, your options will include only fish without visible fat; good options can include tuna, salmon, or herring. Dried and pickled fish should not be consumed during the HCG shots diet.
    • Feel free to eat as many vegetables as you want. Include greens such as chard, beet greens, spinach, leafy salads, celery, fennel, cabbage and veggies like cucumbers, asparagus, and radish.
    • A breadstick or one Melba toast slice is permitted.
    • Fruit choices can include a handful of strawberries, one apple, one orange, or half of a grapefruit.
  • Other important aspects of the diet include:
    • Drinking water is essential; 8-10 glasses of water are recommended per day.
    • Butters and oils should be avoided during the span of this diet.

Third Phase

The third phase is the weight maintenance phase during which you should continue to weigh within two pounds of the weight you had during your last HCG shots diet injection. In instances when there is a weight gain of over two pounds, a steak day should be observed.

What is a steak day? A steak day permits you to drink fluids throughout the day and eat an apple or tomato, and one large steak in the evening.

Fourth Phase

The fourth phase is also known as the “the rest of your life” phase because it is your entry into a healthy, regular lifestyle. Once you reach this phase, ideally, you should no longer have unwanted cravings for unhealthful foods. Now you can begin to introduce starches and sugars gradually into your diet, but take care not to jump back into old ways of eating and be sure to weigh yourself regularly. If you come to a two-pound weight gain, conduct another “steak day” to get back on track.

If you did not reach your weight loss goals during the first round of the HCG shots diet, you need to observe a six-week waiting period before starting a new cycle. The waiting period is necessary to ensure that your body does not become immune to the hormones. If you go on to do the second round, but require a third or a fourth, you will have to wait longer in between each cycle.

How to Administer HCG Shots Diet Injections

Injections may sound intimidating, but diabetics apply them for themselves, and other health treatments like Vitamin B injections require a needle. This form of treatment is not uncommon, and once you get past the initial stage of discomfort, you will be able to administer the HCG shots diet injections for yourself. Here is what we recommend.

The injections will need to be performed every day during your course. They should be injected into the subcutaneous area between the belly button and the belt line. It is important to alternate the shots from side to side for each round to avoid leaving bruises on the skin.

Is the HCG Shots Diet Right for You?

If you feel that the HCG Shots diet is good for you, the next step is finding the right outlet from which to order. Make sure that you find a reliable marketplace to buy your products because there are many counterfeit products floating around on the market. Legally, this hormone treatment must be prescribed by a physician. Make sure that your source offers quality, pharmacy-grade products that are made in the United States.

We Recommend these Markets for Best Prices Online

US hCG Injections | US Health and Fitness InformationTake time to research the products you plan to purchase for your HCG shots diet before placing your order. Quality is key, and we recommend the following markets for the highest quality and consistency. They have licensed US pharmacies who sell quality pharmacy-grade injections, drops, and other products. Here is a quick outline of their products and services:

US HCG Shots

For people who live in the United States, but not in Florida, US HCG Shots is a great option. Those who live in Florida, skip down to the recommendation below.

Pros: Legally, the HCG shots diet must be administered by a physician, and doctors approve this site. It is a pharmacy that sources US products, and when you begin your injections, the site provides doctor supervision.

Cons: Shipping is limited to the United States; there are no shipping options to Florida and Puerto.

They offer a choice of 28-day or 50-day injection kits.

  • The products come from licensed United States pharmacies
  • Lipotropic fat-burning injections are available
  • The site provides support and phone consultations
  • The HCG shots diet is doctor supervised through the site
  • You will not need to provide blood tests, and doctor visits are not required
  • Other products include: metabolism and energy booster B-12 options
  • Licensed physicians are there for your convenience
  • The kits include everything you need for mixing and injecting
  • You will have access questions and answers about the HCG Shots Diet
  • You can often find good deals on the discount page for coupons

This side is reputable for the level of service as well as quality of products. It is a fantastic choice for those who are starting out for the first time because it provides support from physicians and diet coaches to make sure you are on the right track from start to finish. The site also gives convenient access to the official diet handbook and provides great recipes that follow the dietary restrictions.

Check it out at ushcgshots.com

Florida HCG Shots

Florida residents can find a reliable source for their HCG shots diet products at Florida HCG Shots. This online marketplace stocks a broad variety of premium vitamins, injections, and drops. They offer combo kits, as well as high-grade B-12 shots that include LIPO and MIC drops, which are great for those who do not want to use a needle. The purchase price includes a medical interview so you can skip the doctor visit.

Pros: This site provides US-sourced, pharmacy-grade products, and is supervised by physicians.

Cons: This site ships TO FLORIDA ONLY. If you live in the United States, but outside of Florida please see our recommendation above.

  • Their product options come from licensed US pharmacies
  • They offer complete US HCG injections kits with all necessary mixing and injecting supplies
  • The HCG shots diet is supervised by physicians online
  • Questions and answers about food intake and HCG are available
  • Metabolism and energy booster B-12 products and lipotropic fat-burning shots are offered
  • Doctor office visits and blood tests may be skipped
  • The site offers phone consultations and support
  • They offer a choice of 28-day and 50-day packages
  • Discounts may be available on the coupon page

Florida HCG Shots is a reputable online provider of US-sourced, pharmacy-grade products available for Florida residents only. The site offers a full range of HCG shots diet products including injections, drops, B-12 vitamin kits, and combination packages along with support services.

Start Shedding Pounds with the HCG Shots Diet Today!

The HCG shots diet has worked successfully for many dieters, and we hope it will work for you too! If you are ready to embrace the full range of benefits from of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, contact the support services to start your journey towards a healthier, lighter you.