Can I (or Should I) Exercise While Taking HCG Shots?

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Can I (or Should I) Exercise While Taking HCG Shots?

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The conventional calculation of diet + exercise = weight loss stands to reason. At the most basic level, weight loss is a result of calories in vs. calories out. However, embarking on a Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) may mean that you do not have to exercise and burn the fat away. The reason why is because the HCG shots are doing the hard work for you at a molecular level. You won’t have to worry about muscle atrophy thanks to the properties of the hormones.

To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

The ultimate answer to the question, “Should I exercise while taking HCG shots?” is a resounding, “It depends.” If, before embarking on the diet, you are an avid runner or weightlifter who has a routine, you may want to continue while on the diet. This way, you won’t grow out of your habit of healthy exercise. If you have never been a huge fan of exercising, then now is probably not the time to begin. While it’s never a bad idea to stretch out, go on walks, and do some gentle yoga, you shouldn’t use this time to go from couch to 10K.
If you do choose to exercise, then you should keep it light and relaxed, instead of overexerting your body while on a VLCD. If you exercise vigorously, you will likely work up an appetite and be tempted to overeat. Even if you work out, you will not be able to add on to the diet plan, so it’s best just to take it easy.

Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration stalls weight loss, plain and simple. Your body needs water to work successfully. When you are taking HCG shots, your body is doing a lot of work. The internal network of your various bodily systems are toiling away, flushing away the fat, and revving up your metabolism. Some people tend to avoid drinking too much water because they don’t want to retain water. However, the opposite happens when you are hydrated. Your body generally strives to maintain homeostasis, so it does what it needs to in order to make do. So, when your body lacks water, it will cling to whatever water it can, which makes you bloat and retain water. Your muscles also require sufficient fluid levels to maintain their mass, so hydration is key for feeling strong and sturdy.

Choose the Best HCG Shots

Whether or not you choose to exercise, you need the highest quality HCG shots to lose weight. We recommend and for Florida residents. Both companies have excellent customer feedback, offer superior customer service, and offer US-made products through pharmacies and physicians with licensing.