HCG Injections Diet: What If I’m a Vegetarian?

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HCG Injections Diet: What If I’m a Vegetarian?

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The good news for vegetarians is that you can also follow the HCG injections diet while maintaining your vegetarian lifestyle. Since the regular protocol allows for two servings of protein, fruit, vegetables and Melba toast every day, it is easy enough to substitute the meat for vegetarian options. Read on for more ideas on being a vegetarian (or a vegan!) while taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Protein Options for Vegetarians

Thankfully, for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, eggs are permissible while taking HCG injections. To equal one serving of meat you need one whole egg, cooked, or three egg whites, cooked. You can also partake in cottage cheese as a source of protein. However, make sure that you limit your serving size is to ½ cup and that you are choosing a fat-free product.

Protein Options for Vegans

Vegans limit their consumption further than vegetarians, eliminating any animal products (including eggs and dairy). Therefore, eggs and cottage cheese are not an option for vegans. Luckily, many protein shakes and powders available are vegan-friendly and work well while taking HCG shots. Generally, one scoop of protein powder equals one serving of protein on the diet. In addition, tofu or soy products are an alternative, although soy can lead to slower weight loss than some other options due to the estrogen. If you do choose to consume soy products, then you should limit your consumption and avoid overly processed choices.

Following the Rest of the HCG Injections Diet

Once you have the meat and protein figured out, the rest of the diet is simple. Fruits, vegetables, and Melba toast (or grissini bread sticks) are all vegetarian-friendly, so you will not have to worry about changing the diet beyond the protein. Vegetables you can choose from include lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, cucumbers, celery, onions, and radishes amongst others. Fruits include apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. So, as you can see, vegans and vegetarians have a lot of foods to choose from!

Order HCG Injections from a Trustworthy Source

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