The HCG Shots Diet Phases

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The HCG Shots Diet Phases

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The HCG shots diet is a weight loss program that, when researched and followed correctly, can have extraordinary results, especially for those who are starting their first round. Something first time HCG dieters overlook are the actual phases of the diet. In the 1950s, when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was developing the diet, he broke the plan down into phases. Each phase entails different steps that, when used along with HCG intake, can result in fantastic weight loss speed and results. Many places modify the phases to their own individually prescribed HCG shots diet. However, the general overview and flow should remain about the same.

HCG Shots Diet Phase 1

Phase one of the HCG diet is the first two days of the program, often called the loading days or the gorging days. You begin to take your HCG at the prescribed dose, but the weight loss doesn’t start just yet. This is because you are to consume as much food and drink as you can in this time. Eat until you are full every time you’re hungry; and drink at least one-half to a gallon of water for both of these days. There is a method behind this madness! These fatty food stores you develop during the first phase will be the first you lose as the HCG begins to “kick in” and the hormone does its work.

HCG Shots Diet Phase 2

Phase two is the most challenging time for the new HCG dieter, as it is when the caloric restriction begins. This diet phase calls for the dieter to drastically cut the amount of food they eat down to a strict intake of five hundred calories a day. One of the most important facets of this phase is maintenance of the weight. If the dieter were to weigh two pounds heavier than their last dosage weight, an apple or steak day may be needed to balance your system. Reading food labels and eating the recommended foods for this phase are crucial to the amount of weight you expect to lose.

HCG Shots Diet Phase 3

The final phase of the diet is often called the maintenance period. This is a welcome relief to most dieters who manage to pull through the entirety of the second phase. You will boost your caloric intake to about twelve to fifteen hundred calories a day. The goal is to not lose or gain more than two pounds in either direction during this three week period. Though the elevated caloric intake is allowed, the dieter will still need to avoid starches and sugars. If the dieters gains weight over the two pound mark, an apple or steak day should correct that.

HCG Shots Diet Phase 4

Once you achieve your weight goal, you enter phase four or the “forever phase”. This is the point where the dieter can add back limited sugars and starches. The dieter can also have treats in healthy amounts. Once the dieter reaches this phase it is a matter of developing a diet/exercise regimen to maintain their health. Before purchasing HCG shots, remember to research the diet and it’s phases thoroughly, and contact either the company you are buying from or your family physician with any questions.