What is the HCG Diet Plan Apple Day For?

//What is the HCG Diet Plan Apple Day For?

What is the HCG Diet Plan Apple Day For?

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The popular HCG diet plan is tough to follow with only 500 calories of high protein food allowed each day. It can be difficult to stay on track for the whole six weeks, or more, of a cycle. Also, as with all diets, you can encounter some natural sticking points where you feel that (or you are) making little or no progress. This stage is where the HCG Apple Day comes into play!

How Does Apple Day Fit Into the HCG Diet Plan?

Apples are a great low-calorie food, and the more fibrous varieties, in particular, are pretty filling. They are an ideal kick start food when you are in a rut. To be clear: a rut with HCG is when you appear to have made no progress for several consecutive days. It is natural at certain phases of the HCG cycles that you will have occasional days of no weight loss. So a single day in itself is not sufficient to invoke the HCG Apple Day.

As with all ‘interventions’ if you use the Apple Day too often, then this too will become ineffective. You should only use the HCG Apple Day as an extreme measure to get your progress starting up again.

So What Exactly is an HCG Apple Day?

Well, the ‘day’ actually runs from lunchtime of one day to the lunchtime of the next. This is due to the breakfast requirements and nature of the HCG diet plan. It simply would not be effective running from different times of the day. The HCG Apple Day MUST be on a day when you are due to take HCG, or else it will not be an effective intervention according to the creator of this diet.

Over the 24 hours, you can eat a maximum of six apples and water. That is it – nothing else! You do not have to drink the water, and should only drink as much water as you need to remain safely hydrated. In reality, it would not be wise, or safe, to not drink any water for 24 whole hours. As long as you drink a sufficient but not excessive amount, then you are following the Apple Day intervention.

Since water retention is considered to cause diet “sticking points,” some argue that you can go without water for those 24 hours; since your body is using up water that it is already retaining. Of course, the choice is ultimately yours, but some water intake seems to be a sensible compromise to me.

Get Your HCG Diet Plan Back on Track With HCG Apple Day

If used sparingly, strictly and according to the guidelines, the Apple Day strategy can get your dieting efforts back on track very quickly. You will not lose the benefits of the 24-hour Apple Day once you go back to the main dietary schedule of 500 calories. You have nothing to lose by giving the Apple Day plan a go if you find yourself at a “sticking point” you just can’t break through.

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