HCG Diet Results: What Can I Expect?

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HCG Diet Results: What Can I Expect?

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The HCG diet has been in existence for over forty years. This diet is not some new, latest fad and there have been numerous studies that support its effectiveness. Most research suggests that the 500 calorie a day diet is mainly responsible for the weight loss directly. However, the HCG element affects how the weight is lost, and also promotes the weight loss created by the diet.

For those who are new to the HCG diet concept, 500 calories a day is consumed on a high protein dietary program. In addition to the calorie restriction, an HCG mixture is administered (usually by injection) on a daily basis to support the weight loss. Administering the HCG in other ways is also possible. For example, some suppliers will offer the HCG in droplet form. However, most dieters accept that the most efficient (some say the only effective) way to administer it is by injection.

This information can make it a little scary for some people who are new to the diet. However, there is plenty of advice online as to how to administer the injections safely. Most dieters quickly adjust to self-administering HCG without any problems.

HCG Diet Results You Can Expect

There are many factors in how much weight you can expect to lose while using HCG. Please note that this diet is not full time or permanent. A six week on, six weeks off cycle usually follows the diet. Therefore, making it a little easier (but not easy) to follow and stick to 500 calories and daily HCG injections.

Your starting weight as well as how much you are looking to lose is the first factor that is likely to affect your overall weight loss. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then you can expect to see dramatic results at first although these will not be sustainable over the longer term.

Consult with Your Physician and Diet Safely

As with all diets, it is important that you get professional medical advice before starting the HCG diet. It is not suitable for everyone! Going from 4000 calories a day down to 500 calories a day may well just be a dangerous thing to do.

However, for most people, it is safe to follow the diet without any worries. On ‘average’ you can expect to lose between 1-2 pounds of weight per day over the medium term. If you achieve more than this, that’s great! If you don’t, it is important to consider that at times you will be losing fat, but this may not always translate into direct, measurable day-to-day weight loss. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take some basic measurements to track your progress, even if it doesn’t appear that you are straight away. If you’d like to see the HCG Diet results for yourself, you can buy a 28 Day HCG Kit here.